Q.If there are no bees involved how is it honey?

A. Bees make honey by collecting plant nectar and storing it in a special stomach in their bodies. Back at the hive, they pass it on to other worker bees that chew the nectar until it eventually turns into honey. While we don't have special honey stomachs, nor do we chew the nectar ourselves, our process comes fairly close to recreating what bees do with flower nectar.

Q. What ingredients do you use?

A. We use all natural ingredients from fruits, flowers, and plants. Most of our honey is produced with one of those, plus all natural sugar, and alum root.

Q.Do you have any more flavors other then what is on the website?

A. Yes! We have many flavors that we are in the process of getting ready to sell on our site, until then if you are in the Las Vegas, NV area, you can come visit out booth at the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet on Decatur.

Q.I have a great idea for a flavor, would you make it for me?

A.Possibly. Feel free to send us an email with your ideas, and if there is enough interest and we can find good ingredients, there is a good chance we will make it.